Our SEO Process

Our SEO Process
In the world of SEO, only results count!
our seo process

How We Can Help

Our proprietary techniques and straightforward four-phase approach saves you time and money, while always protecting your freedom of choice. Don’t let unscrupulous providers confuse you with technical excuses or scare you into a long-term contract. In the world of SEO, only results count!
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Smart And Effective SEO Solutions


Phase 1: SEO Site Analysis & On-Page Edits - Time estimate: 5-10 days

We will identify and implement a number of small but very powerful “on-page” improvements to your site elements (mostly minor text edits) that will result in immediate ranking gains. This lays the foundation for the coming “off-page” SEO work that will allow you to methodically overcome even large corporations and multi-national organizations.


Phase 2: Top-10 Rankings with High Traffic Keywords - Time estimate: ~90 days (for established sites)

Sustainable top-10 rankings can only be achieved through the highest quality backlinks and “off-page” SEO. We immediately target the highest traffic phrases, so there is no wasted time with useless keyword rankings. You will now start receiving more visitors and we will refine the on-page elements further to enhance engagement and site usage metrics.


Phase 3: Top-3 Rankings and Conversion Optimization - Time estimate: +90 more days

First page is not enough, the bulk of natural search traffic comes from the top three spots. We systematically overcome all of your competitors until you are a consistent top-3 listing, across all of your keyword groups. We then expand our focus to include conversion optimization so that more of your visitors and leads turn into paying customers.
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Phase 4: Expand with New Content & Microsites

The very good news is that we can take you to the top with your starter content. Once there however, you may opt to expand further; in which case, we can generate additional content or even create microsites to progressively take over specialty markets. The end result is a diversified portfolio of online properties and digital income streams.

White-Glove Service

Once we’ve accepted you as a client, you will be treated with the highest level of personalized attention.

Expedient Rankings

We can take you from zero visibility to competing with the largest market share holders within months, not years!

No Conflicts of Interest

We only support a single organization in any given vertical and search niche at a time, so there is no conflict of interest

No Contracts

Many of our clients have been with us for over a decade, and we never use long-term contracts to lock anyone into our service.

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